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John Mahowald

I am a computer science student who got started with Linux with a Red Hat Linux web server.

On I am a community manager named Jman. On Freenode IRC, fedorared. Email: My Gmail account is jpmahowald Fedora account is jpmahowa Blog:

My packages and wishlist for packages

My notes about packaging

I'm a packaing sponsor, and currently sponsor these fine people:

  • FrankArnold
  • PeterGordon
  • CallumLerwick
  • ZackCerza
  • MichaelKnox
  • DavidLutterkort
  • AndyShevchenko
  • RolandWolters
  • MatteoRicchetti
  • JeremySanders
  • TillMaas
  • ScottBaker

Random/Crazy Ideas

  • A yum counter plugin would be cool, to get some statistics on how much stuff is downloaded. Something like Debian's popcon.
  • Case stickers! Inspired by conversation on #fedora
  • Use alien on all Fedora packages and make dpkg Fedora
  • Continuous release: have a continuously updating "stable" repo built out of a development rawhide.
  • Continuous integration: constantly rebuild packages upon change, then oldest first. Kind of like mdomsch's rebuilds.