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Event information

The « Journées Méditerranéennes du Logiciel Libre (JM2L) » are an event organized by the association Linux-Azur. Each year, in November, the JM2L are the occasion to see many projects with their developers, the community and some conferences.

When and Where

  • Saturday the 27th of November (I wasn't present on Friday) : 10h-19h
  • Polytech'Nice, Sophia-Antipolis. France



I have represented the Fedora Project and Fedora-fr during this event with a stand. I had the possibility to talk with lots of persons and about many projects, it was very interesting. With the organization, we expressed the possibility of organizing a conference about Fedora for the 2011's edition. And now, the local clubs and local associations know the existence of Fedora and are aware that I could assist the users or present Fedora in the area

I have presented Fedora to visitors and assisted users with their Fedora. But his first intention was to promote the « CILL » (Club de l'ISEN des Logiciels Libres) with 3 colleagues. They were responsible of an install-party. They installed many Fedora during this event with CDs (Fedora 14 32 bits). We presented Fedora (and GNU/Linux in general) with many persons during this event.

15 CDs of Fedora 14 have been distributed.


Kévin Raymond and Mathieu Bridon gave me to material by Carl Chenet (leader of Debian-fr association).

  • CDs Fedora 14 32 bits : 30 (15 have been distributed, 2 with dons)
  • T-shirts : 5 (1 have been distributed with dons)