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Name: J.RamakrishnaAnand
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I love Linux, Fedora 9 is cool Operating System - Great for Developers, Home Users and Business. 

My Views on Fedora 9:
"World is Open, Heart is Open, Nature is Open, Our Mind is Open - 

Everything is open around us, then why we have to choose Non-Open Products? O pen Source and Open Fedora is best choice..."

My Vision:
 My future vision is - " On Every Home,Business Organization, Desk - All running Open Source Software". 
 Plan for Developing Robust Applications for Fedora 9: 

Our team has a plan to develop custom applications and robust applications for Fedora 9 0- In order to make Fedora more better and Productive. Me and My team have planned to redistribute Fedora people around us and helping them to use it more better.

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