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Junicode medievalist font

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The Junicode font is designed to meet the needs of medieval scholars; however, it has a large enough character set to be useful to the general user. It comes in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic faces. The Regular face has the fullest character set, and is richest in OpenType features.

Because Junicode has been designed for medievalists, some of the default letter-shapes are wrong for modern languages: for example, eogonek (ę) is correctly shaped for medieval Latin but looks poor in Polish. It is possible to add language-specific letter-shapes, but this has not always been done.

Junicode partially implements the recommendation of the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative. Look for special MUFI characters in the Private Use Area (U+E000 and above).

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Junicode TTF GPLv2
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Additional information

  • Even though Junicode is a somewhat specialised font, it's also an early free/libre one and its development has benefited the free/libre-open scene tremendously (through the development of xgridfit, for example). It should certainly be packaged in Fedora like in other distributions.
  • See also the LeedsUni font.

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