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Mugzilla is a codename for the work to make Mugshot interact with bugzilla, for easy bug interactivity by developers and users. It also provides social meaning around bug reports, with everything from community praise/shame to bug pile-on, where a group can received and jump on solving or triaging bugs.

It may just be the perfect way to implement an initial bug triage effort.

Brain Dump

  • public razzing for bug reports
  • mugshot
  • makes it groupable
  • supports bug challenges
  • bugzilla responder
  • mugzilla
  • common usage buttons
  • easy to group bugs coming in
  • metoo button
  • rss feed from package database pops a mugshot window
  • == big feed
  • mugzilla parses this
  • pulsing people mind mapper orbiter hive mind mapping
  • as a mugzilla plug*in
  • only show group*level activity (to start)
  • joining a group gains the permission to watch others in that group
  • tester group gets mugshot alert when there is a new package to test
  • real time interaction
  • search across all fedora
  • common bumper sticker
  • watching in real time
  • community through mugshot
  • users/software/hardware (smolt, etc.)