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FDP PMC Chair Goals for 2006

Note.png These goals need metrics vetted

  • Increase breadth, depth of coverage for FC 6:
  • More user documentation

1. Getting Started Guide published 1. User Guide published 1. Find and promote two additional user-level guides 1. Integrate informal Fedora helper sites with the content tidal flow

  • More expert documentation

1. Administration Guide published 1. RPM Guide revised 1. Find and promote one additional expert-level guide

  • Integrate Red Hat-based projects and Fedorize

1. TBA

  • Publicize toolchain
  • Fedora for XML documentation

1. Find and establish supportive relationship with 3 non-Fedora projects using the toolchain.

  • Style, procedures, i18n, etc.

1. Documentation Guide revised 1. TBD

  • Grow active membership

1. Double number of active writers

  • Need to determine what the number currently is

1. Triple non-dedicated contributions

  • Wiki contributors
  • non-Fedora site content integration, such as with Fedora Unity
  • Grow PMC membership
  • Prepare existing members for new roles
  • Find and bring in new members

1. Double existing active membership of PMC to 10

  • PMC original goal did not have a fixed number, nor set rules around growing the PMC

1. Establish growth rules for the FDP PMC

  • Expected to have 4 to 10 active at a time

1. Inactive membership should grow to half of the active members

  • Prevent burn-out
  • Support inactive members for a change

1. Help inactive members grow their passions by giving them back the time to play with the tools, processes, and documentaiton they helped to build

  • Define or inherit guidelines on growing PMC

1. One document explaining how to grow a PMC 1. One document explaining how to grow a Fedora project