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Open Content

To start, a central gathering place for my thoughts around open content. Most of this applies to the Fedora Project, but may encompass concepts of upstream. For example, a license discussion is upstream.

Content is text, audio, video, code, toenail clippings in an artful arrangement.

The intentional work of a human with a goal of conveying meaning.

What Open Content Is

Open content is a wider field than open source, and in fact is a superset of FLOSS.

It is any content that is licensed for open use, reuse, distribution, cutting, mixing, flavoring, bending, breaking, and throwing out the window.

Often it is not fully openly licensed, but its existence and the open sharing it is involved in make it part of a collective gathering of content a/k/a knowledge. Blog entries, certain restrictive licenses, anything available via RSS feed, and so forth.

Open APIs (application program interface) are an example of open content that enables other open content to be shared. Hip hop freestyle battles, where rhymers share their best lines, are an open content medium where there is no restriction on borrowing rhymes from others, but you better not be caught!

Precepts and Such


Postings About Open Content

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