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Red Hat Marketeers Join Help

This is relatively straight-forward:

I can save you a little pain for step 3, which is where you would sign the Contributors License Agreement.

Here is a modification of the above steps, in brief, that I recommend you follow:

1. Follow the first step of introducing yourself.

  • You can actually do this step at any time, to be honest :)

1. Follow the second step of creating a Fedora account

  • This is often the most challenging part of the experience of joining Fedora
  • New account system is coming and improves this experience
  • Contact me or another Fedoran you know to help you with this step if you run into an problems or frustrations

1. When you are ready to sign the CLA, instead contact me and I'll have you added to the 'cla_redhat' group.

  • You are already covered as a contributor by your Red Hat employment agreement
  • 'cla_$GROUP' was created specifically for adding groups from large organizations where the large org itself signs the CLA

1. Once you are in the cla_redhat group, you can join the Marketing group in the account system

  • We use this info to decide, for example, who can vote in Marketing group elections

1. Getting the wiki account is a *big* part of being able to collaborate; I think we'll see this used as much as the mailing list for Marketing SIG work 1. Follow this step when you have wiki edit permissions