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This is designed to be a list of ways you can contribute to the Fedora kernel. Some of these items are always available, some are projects that can be removed once completed

  • Report bugs to the upstream kernel community. The kernel is a very big project and it's often necessary to get help directly from the upstream maintainers.
  • Test rawhide kernels. Rawhide is where we try to find the bugs before the kernels hit stable.
  • Run scripts/ and note any patches that are unlisted in both the kernel.spec and the patch list. Maintainers try to run this regularly but sometimes they miss things.
  • Run scripts/ and note configs that could possibly be deleted.
  • The config files are large and enormous. Can they be refactored to be smaller and more managable?
    • Pull out DT stuff into one common config-devicetree for example(?)
  • rodata and page poisoning can now be adjusted by command line options. It might be worth reviewing if these are still appropriate as only debug options
  • Review the debug/release options and see if they still make sense or if there are others that should be added