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F7 pre-release road map


Note that this is just a draft. I have filled in dates from what I know, but until this is approved by (at least) the release manager and FESCO, it's just my opinion.

proposed timeline

See the [ Offical Release Schedule page ] for info on dates.

2007-04-17 - Test4 release freeze ?

  • All packages that have dependency issues are removed from the devel repository.
  • All packages that have Epoch-Version-Release upgrade path problems from previous releases are removed from the repository, or optionally fixed by the release manager.
  • All Target bugs should be closed or re-assigned to F(N+1) At final freeze, all Blocker bugs should be closed or re-assigned to F(N+1)

(Should we do all these at the same time, or should some be sooner/later?)

Need a section about bug handling. Should we require all high sev devel bugs be dealt with?

Should we close or ask people to retest devel bugs after release?

How should we handle adding new packages?