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As a complete Linux distribution, Fedora is packed with incredible features. As a distribution with a rapid release cycle on the front edge of innovation, Fedora contains many new and interesting technologies that are often not found in other distributions. Here, we document just a portion of the key features that make Fedora stand out above the rest.


Fedora is infinite freedom. With a strong commitment to free and open source technologies, you don't have to worry about being held back by restrictive patent or copyright licenses. You also have the freedom of choice. Fedora has a huge variety of interoperable and standards-compliant programs. Beyond Fedora Core, Fedora Extras provides a massive number of packages for all kinds of purposes. You can truly use it however you wish.

Security & Reliability

With new and advanced security features like SELinux, Exec-Shield, along with traditional features like a solid firewall, Fedora leads the pack when it comes to security. You also don't have to worry about being left without important security fixes. With rapid response times and maintenance packages for previous releases, Fedora stands behind its releases. Even releases that have passed their End of Life get limited maintenance support from Fedora Legacy . Fedora Core does have support for automatic updates, so you don't necessarily have to monitor update releases. Add to this the solid track record of Linux, and you have an awesome security powerhouse.

Ease of Use

With the user-friendly Gnome desktop, and constant attention to ease-of-use from the Fedora developers, you don't have to worry about not being able to use your Fedora Core system. If you should run into problems, though, we are always here to help .

Business and Office

Fedora has a large variety of packages for business and office use, including the powerful suite.


With the Fedora Extras software repository, you have access to a large variety of games, both simple and complex, covering a wide range of genres. You also have access to other entertaining programs, such as drawing tools and even a space simulator called Celestia. With Fedora, boredom won't trouble you again.