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Kieran Clancy


Email: < clancy.kieran + fedora /at/ gmail > (actual plus sign)

About Me:

  • I live in Australia, and am currently studying Physics and Mathematics at University.
  • I enjoy challenging programming.

Notable other projects I have worked on:

Useful things:

Firefox "Quick Search" bookmarks for Bugzilla :
Download/Save Red Hat Bugzilla Bookmarks
To add these, you open the Bookmarks Manager (Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks), and do File->Import then From file. To use keyword bookmarks, just type the keyword into the location bar followed by what you want to search for. Please note that all of these are preset with Fedora as the product.
To update the keyword bookmarks, open the Bookmarks Manager, select the current folder containing the quick bookmarks, then press Delete. Now import the bookmarks as above.


  • Removed references to 'Core', replaced 'Fedora Core' with 'Fedora' in URLs. (21st June 2007)
  • On the suggestion of VilleSkyttä, have added 'bugo' keyword bookmark for listing all open bugs for a given component. (29th July 2007)
  • Fixed 'bugq' keyword bookmark, when there are non-alphanumeric characters in the component or search, those characters are now encoded properly. (29th July 2007)

If you have an idea for a new keyword bookmark, email me

Here's a list of all the included bookmarks:

Name Keyword Description Usage Example
Bug by ID bug Jump directly to a bug number. bug 153562
Search Fedora Bugs bugs Fedora bugs which contain all the searched words in either the summary or a comment. Ordered by modification date. bugs crashes kernel
Last week's Fedora bugs for "component" bugw Any Fedora bug changed in the past 7 days for a certain component. Ordered by modification date. bugw evolution
Last month's Fedora bugs for "component" bugm Any Fedora bug changed in the past 30 days for a certain component. Ordered by modification date. bugm gnome-panel
Open Fedora bugs for "component" bugo Any open Fedora bug for a certain component. Ordered by modification date. bugo yum
Duplicated Fedora bugs for "component" bugd The "original" Fedora bugs that have been duplicated in a certain component. This doesn't list the duplicates themselves. bugd xorg-x11
Search Fedora "component" for "summary" bugq Searches a Fedora component for a summary. Ordered by modification date. First word is used as component. bugq anaconda boot error