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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference
This page is not used for over one year now

The Fedora Localization Project - Tasks

This page that holds the tasks we have in mind for the next weeks and months. Its purpose is to help the coordination of our efforts. Discussions take place on our mailing list.


Active Tasks

Task Name Owner Target Date Description Status
Credit in apps User:Couf ASAP Get a credit window for translators in system-config-* and all others where Fedora is upstream
Credits in docs Change docs to have a "Contributors" section with Authors and Translator names (via XSLT?)
FWN translation Discuss translation workflow for the Fedora Weekly News. Current problems: Wiki doesn't have a l10n workflow and FWN are a bit too large. Could PO files with Pootle on-line translation be a possible solution?
Website, wiki L10N Participate in development for the new website and wiki, in the context of page translations
Uniform support for Romanian in fonts User:Vga F10 Work with upstream to fix fonts for use in Romanian

Completed Tasks

Task Name Owner Target Date Description Status
Setup owners.list User:Couf F7 Generate a owners.list from current PO-headers and get this list used in Bugzilla (./)
Move contributors to FAS User:Quaid, User:Glezos F7 Get everybody to move over from to cvsl10n in FAS. DG has already notifying lists for this. We need to send an email to all translators sometime. AmanAlam can get us a list of email addresses (./)
Wiki reorganization User:Mrtom, User:Splinux F7 Reorganize the L10N/-part of the wiki to reflect the changes in the cvsl10n group (./)
Update TQSG User:Noriko 08/2006 Update Translation Quick Start Guide about cvsl10n group (./)
Infrastructure User:Glezos, User:Quaid, User:Mmcgrath 08/2006, F8 WUI with stats (on, availability of PO files online, access to the different SCM's where these files live, etc. See: GSoC app for l10n (./)
Redesign User:Fab before official release of FLP (if possible) Update all wiki pages around L10N to improve navigation and guidance for contributor (./)
TQSG Post FC9 Update User:Noriko 29-Apr-2008 Modify to reflect changes introduced by FAS2, plus any improvements welcomed (./)

Task ideas

1. (./) Start by documenting the need for attention to this matter, for example by getting some numbers of the non-English users (e.g. fedora-brazil is HUGE).

1. (./) Get the team closer to the Docs project; this team does a *great* job and the two teams have a lot in common and could share experience, tools etc.

1. (./) List requests the translators have stated in the past but have not got resolved yet (see also the TODO list at the end).

1. (./) Start having IRC meetings to discuss things, our progress and get people to hang out on the #fedora-l10n IRC channel more often. Proposed date/time: 20:00 UTC every Tuesday (one hour before the DocsProject meetings).

1. (./) Think about electing a Steering committee for the team (Ref: DocsProject/Policy/FDSCoElections).

1. (./) Start writing guidelines for developers and slowly try to make them happen. A steering committee can help with this by having open communication channels.

1. (./) Open up a wiki page holding links to common/known problems, a bug tracker for translation bugs (is there one?) and start pushing release-blocker bugs for important issues.

1. (./) Lower the barrier of entry. Improve our documentation on the /L10N pages (for example, by saying more on how to get cvs access, make a self-introduction etc.) Make the translation process less complicated than it is now.

1. (./) Convert the above list to a schedule with target dates (Ref: DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/TaskSchedule). Some probable TODOs:

2. (./) Make sure releases have up-to-date translations in packages. Work with the releng team and the maintainers list to include a string freeze and translation freeze (one week later) in the schedule (Ref: bug #207095).

2. (./) Move CVS from i18n to

2. (./) Organize interaction between translators and maintainers in a better way (ie. not only through Bugzilla). Good candidate might be a tabular way to request tasks and notify about the completion of them on a wiki page.

2. (./) Find ways to treat translations as formal projects (e.g. with actual work done, revision/proofreading and Q&A) and not just leave this up to each team to manage. Language coordinator should _track_ events, not schedule/control them. A workflow process in the wiki can help things out and also mails with translation-specific commits.

2. (./) Get involved with the people already implementing things for the Plone platform; at some point we'll move the i18n status page on -- preferably, on Plone with some formal workflow process (Ref: DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/TaskSchedule ).

2. (./) Create an up-to-date list of obsolete packages that are listed on the i18n status page and also "rank" packages based on their priority for localization (for example, system-config-printer is probably of higher priority than system-config-bind).

2. (./) Provide direct links to po files on the i18n status page .

2. Make sure all applications maintained by the i18n/L10N projects have a "translator-credits" lemma and use this in their GUI to give credit to translators (see various GNOME applications on how they achieve this). Someone from the L10N team should gather this information from the po-file headers and CVS commits and open up a bug report for each application.