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Testing the new Fedora localization infrastructure - Transifex 0.5 RC1

Pressing issues

  • msgfmt -c check does not work on pt14.
    • Not sure why it's happening yet. From the django shell it works ok.
    • PARTIAL SOLUTION: To avoid this issue that checking was disabled on the pt14 server for now. - Reported by Diego
  • FIXED! Submission to the server does not work.
    • We have setup the ssh-agent for the apache user, but the httpd server does not seem to use the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment var on the wsgi Transifex/Django instance. - Reported by Diego
  • NEEDS-TICKET Overwritable one language to another.
    • Submitting ja.po against po/el.po as target file is comitable. - Reported by noriko
  • WONTFIX: Clear Cash got Translation Statistics disappeared ompletely with it's section title.
    • Not sure this is expected, but this might make translator upset a bit (Refresh Cache can got this back though). - Reported by noriko
    • Comment: That's the purpose of Clear Cache.

How can I help testing it?

Testing steps

Submission is NOT enabled to official projects; it will be once we deploy to a production (more secure) server on Monday. Some steps below are this test specific and may not be implemented into prod env.

  • Go to Local testing repositories
  • Click "Sign in" located top right of the page to log in with your FAS username and password (Note: not your email)
  • If you encounter "Not found" error page, re-visit the page. You will now see "welcome username" on top right.
  • Click the project component which you like to test.
  • Download the POT file from the download mark of Source file, and save.
  • Make a copy of your PO file from POT (e.g. cp test_repo.pot ja.po)
  • Click "Add a new language translation" to expand the section.
  • To submit a file, browse your file for "Local file" field and type "po/ja.po" for "Target file" field, and then click "Send" button.

Actions to test

Report in fedora-trans-list if any error is captured!

  • Add new files
  • Submit broken files (Stats should fail and warning it)
  • Submit a file in a place not allowed. (Target file do not matching with the Component Filefilter)
  • Watch the new stats for the file after submit it (Do not need to refresh it)
  • Refresh any Component stats around all projects registered
  • Lock/unlock translation files for any Component around all projects registered
  • Identify Components registered as normal POT-based, but that they are intltool based. (The migration script could not know/handle it)
  • What else...? :)