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Procedures for election of new coordinators in the pt_BR L10n (localization) Project

Currently, this document is only a draft. Most things here represent what was discussed in a previous meeting, and awaits approval from other contributors of the pt_BR L10n team.


How long should one be a coordinator?

  • It was suggested that the coordination team will have a term of two releases (one year), without the right of reelection.
  • A week before the date for the final second release, names for possible future coordinators will be sent to the pt_BR mailing list
  • A week after the second release, the new coordinators should have been already chosen. This way, the voting (that can be done through the Fedora Voting System or through the pt_BR mailing list) should be done at some time between a week before and a week after the final date of the second release.

How many coordinators seats should be available?

We agreed that a good number is one coordinator for every 10 active translators. However, the definition of an "active translator" is debatable and we didn't really reach a consensus. This way, by observing this discussion is important and will take some time, a number was chosen for this first experimental election (From right after F20 till right before F22); 03 (three) coordinators.

Though they will all have basically the same goal, one would focus on coordinating efforts at Transifex, the other at Zanata and the last at the Official Wiki (that was the basic reasoning behind the number three).


In order to fully understand the discussion, a good suggestion is to read the meeting logs