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Fedora Mini-conf - Session 1

RPM 101: A gentle intro to the art of creating your own RPM package

In the Fedora and Red Hat world all software is packaged in the RPM format. This talk is intended to show newcomers to Fedora/Red Hat the basic steps to create an RPM package. As such it will cover the basics of creating your own SPEC file, setting up your own minimal package build environment, and the appropriate RPM macros. The talk will also cover a few tips and tricks in handling RPMs. The talk will not cover yum or repositories.

Richard Keech

Richard Keech is Red Hat's Principal Consultant for Australia and has been with Red Hat for eight years. In 1998 Richard became the first RHCE. Richard has a Masters Degree in Digital Systems Engineering from RMIT and has worked for over twenty years as systems engineer, software engineer, system administrator, IT manager, instructor and consultant.