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LISA 2015


November 8-13th, 2015, in Washington, D.C.

Note that the expo floor (and therefore our booth) is Wednesday from noon to 7pm and Thursday from 10am to 2pm

Event Description

This is basically the premiere conference for systems administration, operations, and large-scale systems engineering.

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Matthew Miller — booth duty, possibly helping with birds of a feather.

Corey Sheldon -- booth duty , demos

Event Schedule


For this audience, we'll want to cover:

  • Fedora Workstation on sysadmin desktops and laptops. (Many people will, however, run a corporate standard build; either RHEL-based or a proprietary OS, due to company policies.)
  • Fedora Server — talk about how it can fit in with RHEL and CentOS as part of the whole ecosystem. "Stay ahead of changes" is a good story here.
  • Fedora Cloud — same
  • Fedora Atomic — I bet containers and container tech will be a big topic
  • Possibly work with the Cloud folks for an atomic host demo of Cloud Server / Server installs and intregation

Important Deadlines

For 22 Oct FAMNA meeting:

  • More detail on needed funding if any requested from mattdm

Event Budget

Travel likely needed for Matthew Miller Matthew is funding travel from his own (small but non-zero) FPL budget

$50 may be requested for travel for Corey Sheldon (lives in local area)

Note that Red Hat is funding a shared booth for community-sponsored projects. We'll be hanging out with our friends from CentOS, RDO, oVirt, and etc.

Shipping $150 for Event Box and Vertical Banners to event. (Due to event hosting requiring everything to be Delivered on Nov 5th)

Travel Subsidy Requests

$50 possible  for  gas /bus -- Corey Sheldon

Event Report

will be reported / event report likely to be replaced by blog post on

Event box / banners shipped by Southern_Gentlmen and tracking numbers dispersed to needed staff /parties. --Nov 3

Event Wrap up:

20151112 (prelim. Full report to be amended OR via Post Conference Blog post in coming days)

Matthew Miller (mattdm) and Corey Sheldon (corey84|linuxmodder) spent 12 hours across both expo days greeting a mostly veteran user audience, with mentions of 'Fedora meetups' much like the ones Ansible has, also a common theme was the sugar desktop seen on both the OLPC and on the Demo Laptop in the form of Fedora-Live-Soas-x86_64-23-10.iso on a Live USB....

Several Folks seemed to be highly impressed with Cockpit and its functionality for the Server / Deployment Environment

An effort to update the Demo Thinkpad to a F23 Multi feel thru due to time and activity at the booth, the laptop is presently using the F22-Live-*-*-20150629 Updated Spins

20151112-1600hrs --- Banners and Event Box sent off for FossetCon (tracking data below:) GES Tracking Slip (both Banners/E.Box): 4851010

Banners: UPS Tracking #: 1Z 9W2 V65 02 9344 9616

Event Box: UPS Tracking #: 1Z 9W2 V65 02 9132 3044