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USENIX’s LISA conference

Date and time

Full Conference: October 29–November 3, 2017

Expo: November 1-2, 2017

Fedora will be co-hosting the table with Red Hat like last year.

Location F Hyatt Regency San Francisco 5 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, CA 415.788.1234 888.591.1234


Red Hat has taken care of sponsorship and all members will receive expo / exhibitor badges / creds on arrival

For non ambassador attendees a expo only ticket is $50, Early bird pricing ends October 9, 2017


  • To be determined

Why attend LISA17?

LISA is the annual vendor-neutral meeting place for the wider system administration community. The LISA17 program will address the overlap and differences between traditional and modern IT operations and engineering, and offers a highly curated program around three topics: architecture, culture, and engineering.

What is the focus of the event?

Our primary focus of the event is to talk to people about Fedora Server and Fedora Cloud and make more people aware of these products and that Fedora is not just only a desktop.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to the Fedora platform overall

Since this convention is a draw for container, cloud, and general Linux and Open Source audience, this diverse crowd is an ideal environment to reach out to potential contributor and users.

People will be enthusiastic to learn about the latest applications and features of Fedora 26.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions — and why are those particular solutions strategically important

LISA is geared towards sysadmins/SRE. We want to talk to people about Fedora Server and Fedora Cloud to build awareness that Fedora is not just the traditional desktop operating system, but rather has great cloud/server solutions.

Measured Success

We will be asking people to get the Fedora Badge for LISA17 if they want a t-shirt, which will allow us to track the number of people we engage with at this event and then we can measure their future contributions to Fedora.


  • GPG Key Signing Party -- If you have multiple keys you wish to be signed, let the team know ahead of time.

Event volunteers

  • Nick Bebout (FAS: nb)
  • David Duncan (FAS: davdunc)
  • Ricky Elrod (FAS: codeblock)
  • Beth Lynn Eicher (FAS: bethlynn)


  • ?


Item Details Budget Actual
Shipping Banners / Event Box / Swag $100
relrod airfare $400 $333.59
relrod hotel share with dpal@redhat $250 $278.84
relrod parking $36.00
bethlynn hotel $70.70
bethlynn transportation $23.00
bethlynn airfare $94.80
shipping $98.72
Totals: $1,100 $935.65

Transportation to and from the event

Arrivals and Departures

Chart for knowing when folks are arriving or departing, by plane, train, car, roller skates, or otherwise.

Who Arrive (Flight-Time) Departure (Flight-Time) Comments
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  • Room reservations:  ?

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Blogs and reports

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