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Fedora is a popular Linux distro globally. It runs by the contributors from all over the world. This page is for Contributors/ Users from Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Fedora Community.

If you are new to Fedora Project and need to contribute please feel free to ask support, the community is ready to assist you. Language can be Sinhalese or Tamil. You can use the LK Community (lk-users) mailing list to communicate with in the community.

Do you need to join with the Fedora Project

If you are new to here and interested in joining, Please refer this page


This effort is to bring Sri Lankan Fedora community to the global level. In order to make it happen we have to win this challenges;

  • Make our voice higer so that every one in the Fedora Project can hear it.
  • Spread Fedora all over the Sri Lanka and try to empower each and every PC to run Fedora in it.

Are YOU ready to accept those challenges?

I am new and I want to join

If you are interested and want to join please follow listed procedures, if any problem please contact us for assistant.

  • First read this page and try to figure out what group you like to join.

Tip - May be your preference would go for many groups not one, in this case just choose the most favorable team and first try it, later you can join with more teams, first experience one team and get the experience.

  • Follow the link in the join page related to your team and follow the instructions on that page. Most of the time you are asked to join with the teams' mailing list and introduce yourself.
  • Add your details to this page, under the New Contributors. If you are an undergraduate from an educational institute please add details about your educational institution on the related section as well.
  • join with the lk-users mailing list.

Subscribe to the lk-users mailing list

  • Finally be active participant to discussions on the mailing list, ask support at any time you feel you need it.

VERY IMPORTANT : Your email address is the main point of contact therefore please note your email address. We will contact you as soon we find your name on this page to track you and assist you further.


Facebook Group - Ask to join

New Contributors

If you have joined recently (less than 4 months) please add your details here.

FAS Username Name Email Group(s)
Wmmalith63 Malith Hirantha Free-media


FAS Username Name Email Group(s)
bckurera Buddhika Kurera Ambassadors, Design, Free-media, Marketing
callkalpa Kalpa Pathum Welivitigoda Ambassadors
udinnet Uditha Bandara Wijerathna Ambassadors, Infrastructure, Free-media,

Education Institutions

We are trying to empower our students mainly those who follow IT related courses. If you are one of them please note it. You have the chance to represent the Fedora Project in your institution and spread it more effectively. Please add your details so that the coordinator for this program will contact you soon.

Name Institute Town Email

Mailing List

Mailing list is the best way to keep in touch with the community, please make sure you have subscribed to the mailing list.

Subscribe to the lk-users mailing list


If you want support or any other clarification please divert it to the