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Leo Jackson (aka) lajjr

--lajjr 02:48, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

[From:] Pennsylvania USA

I want to contribute to as many parts of fedora as I can.

  • Ambassador to bring fedora to my company and employees.
  • Artwork I love to draw and completed a degree in art and animation.
  • Documentation I have been using open source for a long time and find some with Docs not complete.
  • Package Maintainer Package for GPL software as well
  • Bugzzilla and Bugzapper I want to help fix and repair problems and bugs.

Experience with software and coding.

  • Coding been creating code for over 12 years
  1. C++, C, Fortran, Cobol, MSVS package C#, J#, C++, VB, Pascal.
  2. Script languages Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Lua, JScript, VBScript.
  3. Create patches for software and upgrades.
  4. Create software from the ground up. "Find a need fill a need"(Robots movie)
  5. Trouble shoot for code and systems IT depts as well.
  6. Owner of a Software comapany and creator Middleware for fortune 500 Companies.

Art and Graphics

  • Art Been drawing since I could pick up a pencil complete a Masters art qualifying status in Color pencil and markers.
  1. I finished a degree in Graphics Art and Illustration in 1998.
    create images for private and companies.
  2. I am a member and owner of Illustrators Cooperative ILS a non profit organization I founded.

My Web Connections and Links

This will have connection to Education and Portfolio and other items in the future as soon as I get them together.