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Legacy OpenID

This legacy openid provider will only be available until 2013-04-15. At that time all users will need to have moved over to the current provider url

Background / History

For a time, the fedora project was asking users to use '' when using the Fedora OpenID provider. This was in addition to the now canononical: "". This legacy URL was harder for users to remember and type, and added confusion on some sites where your identity between the two provider urls was different.

When the new fas-openid was rolled out to production on 2013-03-05, this old legacy URL was dropped. However, a number of users were still using this old provider url and found themselves unable to login to the sites they were using it with. In order to allow a less disruptive transition, we have enabled the old legacy url (for a time) to allow users to login and change any associations they may have with it.

Why was I directed to this page?

You were likely sent here by following a link that told you that you were using our old identity provider URL. You should change to using the new provider url: "".

How can I change this provider?

This varies on the application you are logging into. Most applications will have a settings area where you can add additional associations. Just add '' to your account and then logout and back in with that association, then remove the old one.

For Gerrit:

  • Login with legacy url
  • Click on 'settings' in the upper right
  • Click on 'identities'
  • Click on 'link another identity' and enter your ''

(Feel free to add additional application info here)

In some cases you should contact the maintainers of the application or website you are using and ask them to change your identity url.