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License Notes

This license was found in the "bahyph" CTAN component (also in TeXLive). It is Free, but GPL-incompatible.

License Text

% These patterns and the generating sh script are Copyright (c) GMV 1991
% These patterns were developed for internal GMV use and are made
% public in the hope that they will benefit others. Also, spreading
% these patterns throughout the Spanish-language TeX community is
% expected to provide back-benefits to GMV in that it can help keeping
% GMV in the mainstream of spanish users. However, this is given
% for free and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Under no circumstances can Julio
% Sanchez, GMV, Jos'e A. Ma~nas or any agents or representatives thereof 
% be held responsible for any errors in this software nor for any damages
% derived from its use, even in case any of the above has been notified
% of the possibility of such damages. If any such situation arises, you
% responsible for repair. Use of this software is an explicit
% acceptance of these conditions. 
% You can use this software for any purpose. You cannot delete this
% copyright notice. If you change this software, you must include 
% comments explaining who, when and why. You are kindly requested to 
% send any changes to If you change the generating 
% script, you must include code in it such that any output is clearly
% labeled as generated by a modified script.
% Despite the lack of warranty, we would like to hear about any
% problem you find. Please report problems to