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License Notes

This license, described by Richard Fontana on 2018-02-27 as "possibly the worst-written license I have seen in quite some time", is nevertheless a Free and Open Source License. It is a permissive license, and Fedora interprets itself (and all downstream consumers) as part of the "Unofficial CP/M website" community.

Please do not use this license for any new works. It is poorly worded.

A copy of the license was taken from on 2018-02-27.

License Text

Subject:          Re: Unofficial CP/M Website/licensing of CP/M material
Date sent:        Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:36:31 -0600

Let this email represent a right to use, distribute, modify, enhance and
otherwise make available in a nonexclusive manner the CP/M technology as
part of the "Unofficial CP/M Web Site" with its maintainers, developers and

I further state that as Chairman and CEO of Lineo, Inc. that I have the
right to do offer such a license.

Lineo and its affiliates, partners and employees make no warranties of any
kind with regards to this technology and its usefulness or lack thereof.

Bryan Sparks
CEO   Lineo, Inc.