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License Notes

This license was found on the "crossword" component in texlive 2010. It is Free and GPL-compatible.

License Text

  %% Author: Gerd Neugebauer
  %%         Im Lerchels.hl 5
  %%         64521 Gro.-Gerau
  %% Mail:
  %% Copyright (C) 1995-2009 Gerd Neugebauer
  %%  cwpuzzle.dtx  is distributed in  the hope that  it will be useful,
  %%  but  WITHOUT  ANY WARRANTY.    No  author or  distributor  accepts
  %%  responsibility to  anyone for the  consequences of using it or for
  %%  whether  it serves any particular purpose  or works at all, unless
  %%  he says so in writing.
  %%  Everyone  is granted permission  to copy,  modify and redistribute
  %%  cwpuzzle.dtx,  provided this  copyright  notice  is preserved  and
  %%  any modifications are indicated.