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License Notes

This license was found on the "midnight" component in TeXLive. It is barely free, and GPL-incompatible. It is not recommended that this license be used in any context other than on the "midnight" component in TeXLive.

License Text

% copyright (c) 1991 Marcel R. van der Goot
%	You can use these macros to typeset documents. You may
%	distribute this file freely, provided that you also distribute
%	the accompanying documentation.
%	    You may make changes to this file, or extract portions
%	of it for inclusion in other files, provided that
%	    (1) you change the name of the file;
%	    (2) you give proper credit and include copyright
%		information where applicable;
%	    (3) explain how an unchanged version can be obtained; and
%	    (4) document the usage of your macros/changes (if usage
%		of your macros is not worth documenting, they must not
%		be worth using).
%	You are not allowed to use the name ``Midnight Macros'' for
%	any changed files.
%	    The above rules for making changes do not apply where it
%	is explicitly noted in this file that something can be changed
%	to conform to your local installation.