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You have an idea. It is a great idea, it is an awesome idea, it can change the shape of the world. You just can not wait to tell your friends, your family and everybody. But then you get to see your friends are not hearing to your idea with importance, your mum is busy in some household work and you get irritated in the absence of a person who could have understood your idea.

Though such situation is highly unlikely, it is not rare. Therefore finding like minded people is the very first and in some cases the toughest part of a project. In such cases a search on the internet for forums and mailing lists with similar topics. In case of FOSS getting in touch with the like minded people is the crucial first step. After you get a set of friends to discuss your plans, the rest of the path should become smooth. If your idea is about anything regarding FOSS, you can certainly collaborate with some collaborating organizations of Fedora Collaborate.