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A monthly event in Santa Cruz, California, open to Linux users of all types. The event is an open discussion, help session, and community gathering.

Event philosophy and goals

  1. Meet people and talk with them about Linux, open source, and software freedom.
  2. Find out what’s important to them and try to help them find a Linux community that matches their personality, needs, social circle, etc.
  3. In doing the event, be welcoming to Linux users of all types.

Event details

  • What: Lindependence Hour to discuss GNU/Linux, software freedom, and open source.
  • Where: Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, 1330 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA. (Map)
  • When: Wednesday 29 Dec. 2010 from 6 pm to 7 pm PST (1800 to 1900) — repeats last Wed. of the month.
  • Who: You, if you use or want to use Linux, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, or Android.

One of the organizers has an Ubuntu event page you can register attendance through, if you wish. (Not required at all.)