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This idea is mainly aimed at current Package Maintainers but will also help as a focus for software that people will be using in Fedora. For more information on becoming a Package Maintainer go here

This page is for an idea of mine to get software that has been reviewed in Linux Format (a UK-based but globally-distributed magazine on all things Linux) into Fedora as quickly as possible.

Anyone can help, from testing packages to voting on what we concentrate our efforts on. It will help if you already have an account in FAS but this is not essential.

The current edition below indicates results from the most recent review and can be used to assign packages to yourself. I am imagining that these go in the comments section with a link to the review.

Please dive in - any questions please email me on snecker*at*fedoraproject*dot*org. This effort is not supported or connected in any way with Linux Format - I'm doing this purely for the benefit of the Fedora Project.

Current Edition


Archive editions