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We are trying to figure out the hotel situation for LinuxTag.

GeroldKassube has a lead at a hotel that can give us a very good price, and is in a good location.

Right now they are offering us:

  • 5 single rooms (4 people) costs unsponsort EUR 45 each day and person / night
  • 4 double rooms (8 people) costs unsponsort EUR 35 each day and person / night
  • 6 triple rooms (18 people) costs unsponsort EUR 18 each day and person / night

We need to pay them before the end of March, so I'd like to see how many of those rooms we will actually fill up. Then Red Hat can pay a deposit, and the individual people can help with their costs when we arrive.

It will cost about 4,000 Euro, for 5 nights, and includes breakfast. Red Hat will pay some of the costs of the rooms.

Please sign up if you are interested. Once we have a final price, we will be able to decide how much Red Hat can help with, and how much we ask of each person. More details will be available once we know how many people are actually going to attend

Single 1 -- MaxSpevack

Single 2 -- MikeMcGrath

Single 3 -- GeroldKassube

Single 4 -- AndreasRau

Single 5 -- JensKuehnel

Double 1 -- FrancescoUgolini and JoergSimon

Double 2 -- JeroenVanMeeuwen and ThorstenLeemhuis (only Wednesday to Thursday; maybe Tuesday to Wednesday, too; Thorsten will search for another room if someone else needs this one)

Double 3 -- FlorianBrand and JanGruenwald

Double 4 -- RobertScheck and StefanHeld

Triple 1 -- FabianAffolter and NayyarAhmad and KushalDas

Triple 2 -- SebastianVahl and ChristophWickert and SandroMathys

other rooms are canceled by 2007-04-21 (as written in several E-Mails)