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Booth Setup for LinuxTag 2011

The booth has to be ready at Wednesday, Max 11th at 09.00 (9am). Booth setup will take place on Tuesday starting at ~ 14:00 (2pm) - 19:00 (7pm) latest.

We'll meet at the Fedora booth # 154 in the Hall 7.2b (-> Overview of Hall 7.2b)

If you are not allowed to enter, call Christoph on +49 177 1975530. He will come to the entrance at hall 7 and give you the exhibitor pass.

Attendees for Setup

(this should be enough)


Messe Berlin will provide the furniture for the booth. We have ordered:

  • 2 Infopoints (for presentation of GNOME and KDE)
  • 2 Bar chairs (for the infopoints)
  • 1 large counter (for devices like the XO, Tables and for swag
  • 1 round table (4 persons)
  • 4 chairs (for the round table

The carpet will be blue and fits Fedora's colors nicely. More information is available in the LinuxTag wiki.


  • Layout: TBD
  • Space available: 12,5 sqm

What else do we need?

Please enter what you can provide or what you think we need.
Each item needs (at least) one owner. That person is ultimately in charge of that item and needs to make sure it is available.
Quantity Item Owner Comment
Power cords (with German plug)
Power multiplier
enough Cable ties Christoph
1 Gaffer Tape
Network cables Event box 1x 25m, 2x 5m, 3x 3m
1 Switch Event box 20 Ports
1 Beamer Benedikt Benedikt arrives Thursday evening, so we will only have the beamer on Friday and Saturday
280 F14 Media Christoph 90 GNOME live 32bit, 80 Install DVD 32bit, 110 Install DVD 64bit
500 Buttons Christoph Waiting for the Greek guys to send them
as much as possible Laptop stickers Event box
at least 2 Fedora Banners Event box
2 Demo Laptops Christoph I can provide one Laptop but it is my old and one and doesn't look sexy. We need one or two more!
1 WeTab Christoph Will run GNOME 3
1 XO Christoph
2 Kensington locks Christoph
1 Netbook Dell Mini 10 Benedikt Fedora 14