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Don't follow these instructions for anything yet. This page is still under construction and needs to be fact checked for accuracy.
For administrators only
If you're not a Magazine administrator, the procedures described here probably won't work for you. Please don't mess around with the Magazine unless you're reasonably sure you know what you're doing. Remember that the Magazine serves many thousands of people every day!

Logging in



For issues within the instance (software on the VM itself etc), please contact Chris Roberts (croberts on IRC).

This instance is hosted in the Fedora Infrastructure Private Cloud. In case of issues with the cloud instance, please ping puiterwijk on freenode. If he is unavailable, just ask in #fedora-admin.

Updating plugins

Plugins can be updated directly in the administrator control panels. Be careful to ensure the update has been tested; consult with the Magazine staff via the marketing mailing list first.

Updating WordPress

(TBD, basically you can do this at the CLI as well but you also have to restart the gears.)