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  • This is a draft.
  • It will better to break this into sub-modules targeting different audiences. Giving more space to talk about and go a little beyond just the talking points.
  • Spins are good for every audience, so that's a keeper.

About Fedora 13

We like to share what's new about Fedora 13, for this we have grouped exciting new features focusing on what task people do with their computers.

Everday User

There are a improvements that will make users of desktop computer more comfortable and productive.

NetworkManager has become the center of your connectivity for internet. It has expanded supports for Bluetooth dial-up networking, better signal strength indicators and features a command line interface for power users. Nouveau driver for nVidia video cards is 100% free software that support 3D as a continuous improvement in video support. Another enhancement is Color management, that helps you control and produce more accurate color output for displays, printers, and scanners. Yum langpack support makes localized software installation smarter and easier for everyone worldwide. Automatic printer driver installation lets you connect a USB printer and install the printer drivers automatically. The new user account tool makes it easy to configure user details and practice good security.

System Administrators

Going beyond the general use, we can target System Administrators

There are several areas where there are new things to explore. If you look for groupware, Zarafa will be a complete suite solution for that need. Regarding data security, Btrfs with help you with System rollback using automatically or manually perform full filesystem snapshots for flexibility and data security. allows you to kick off installation and testing with a tiny image file. SSSD lets users who normally login to managed domains or networks do so even when offline. Fedora 13 includes the version 4 of the NFS protocol for better performance and IPv6 support.


Taking over what will be the future of software, Fedora 13 offers new tools for developers

SystemTap's new static probes for monitoring higher-level languages and user space applications, and mixed debugging for Python and C/C++, help programmers find and squash bugs quickly. Python 3 support makes Fedora 13 an ideal platform for rapid development of future-resistant applications. NetBeans 6.8 has the first truly free, complete support for the entire Java EE 6 spec, making Java development for beginners to experts rock on Fedora 13.


All those are general features that you can get from Fedora 13, but if you look for a customized solution the Fedora Projects offers you the spins. Those are selection of Fedora packages aiming to help the needs of certain users. Let's said that you have a netbook, you should have a look at Moblin Spin. Sugar on a Stick offers the flexibility of Fedora with a learning environment used in over 40 countries for school. Supporting people immerse in Art, the Design Suite has many applications ready installed. For those needing IT forensics, the Security Spin will provide a lot tools with easy deployment. The Fedora Electronic Lab is a ambitious spin that enables you to design from scratch hardware with 100% free software tools.