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This is only a BRAIN DUMP


Fedora Membership / Fellowship

What Members will get

  • 2 releases at the release day. Free of charge (without Download) only DVDs !
  • Member magazine 2 or 3 time a years (like Red Hat Magazin) -> Fedora Supporter Magazine
  • Exclusiveness
  • Membercard (Fedora Logo, Support-Number & Name)
  • Special releases of Fedora (Christmas Edition, Eastern Edition)
  • Special Wallpapers (a job for the ArtTeam)
  • Webspace and/or E-Mail alias
  • Special invitation for special events
  • FADs
  • free entry for FUDCons
  • Meet the Developer-Events
  • Some goodies
  • FUDCon rubber band
  • Mug
  • T-shirt (-> I am a Fedora supporter)
  • Cap
  • Pen
  • Sticker
  • Poster (like Red Hat Kernel 0.0.1)
  • Mouse pad (example Red Hat Magazin Fedora Mouse pad)
  • O'Reillys benefits
  • RHCT/RHCE benefits
  • Webshop benefits

-> only stuff that can NOT be bought (in the webshop nor anywhere else)

Membership costs

per year $/E

  • 25 standard
  • 50 standard +
  • light blue and deep blue membership
  • Option for companies (see below)
  • Option for only paying and no DVDs
  • Option to get a respin 3 month after release (+ 10 $/E, 4 DVDs a year)

Costs draft $/E

2 releases 6 (2x3 incl. postal fee)
Goodies 8
administrative 6
Total 19 -> 6 for Events, Magazine and others

Business part

  • Automatic membership for sponsors
  • no goodies but invitations for events
  • listed in the "Fedora Supporter Magazine" or announcements as a sponsor

-> they will get the Magazine or what ever




  • Mailing list


  • Members and public (Shirts, Caps, DVDs (Packages i386 & x86_64, ppc & ppc64))
  • located in europe (postal fees)
  • integration in Red Hat Cool Stuff Store ?

!!! Without Red Hat there is no way to do something like this because none of us has enough marketing experience or the knowledge of handling a large ammount of subrscribers.