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Personal Note:
Please consider that the contents of this page is meant in the way on how Marketing/Advertising may use the colours to trigger emotions and make associations by several means, for example: brand colours, logos, etc. If you are an artist, please feel free to ignore this page, as it shouldn't influence your work (or maybe it should, it's really up to you).

Colour Associations

Bellow is a list of commonly used colours alongside with their positive and negative associations. Please be mindful of word "associations". This is common for anyone working in Marketing and Advertisement and in most cases crossed with many other elements used to trigger a special emotion on the audience. If you believe this might be useful, feel free to consider it for your work. Associations are provided as "positive" and "negative" based on scientific content provided by Psychology.

Colour Association Table

Colour association table from the Marketing/Advertising scope:

Colour Positive Associations Negative Associations
Red passion, dynamism, revolutionary, sex, manhood war, blood, fire, death, the devil
Orange energy, activity, generosity, ambition fire, danger, warning, crash. some claim it to look cheap
Green nature, vegetable, spring, life, hope, fertility, security, satisfaction, rest Green turquoise is considered icy, aggressive and violent.
Yellow sun, summer, heavenly light, intelligence, science, action, royalty, expansion opaque yellow is often associated with cowardness, treason, doubt
Violet nobility, royalty, dignitaries of church, power, mysticism subconscious, mystery, oppression, superstition, decadency
Blue spirituality, faith, supernatural, femininity, justice, rationality, reason, tranquillity, hygiene introversion, secret, despair
Black luxury, distinction, rigour, artistic dimension death, despair, unknown
White innocence, purity, virginity, perfection, truth, wisdom emptiness, silence, unachievable


Colour Positive Associations Negative Associations
Silver modern, technologies, inovation haven't found negative associations
Golden gold, wealth, majestous lust, greed, gambling