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Below are some screenshots of the Fedora 21 Workstation and some of the changes that comes along with Fedora 21 Workstation


Fedora devassistant.png Fedora devassisant nodejs.png

Anaconda - workstation

Workstation-anaconda-0.png Workstation-anaconda-1.png Workstation-anaconda-2.png Workstation-anaconda-3.png Workstation-anaconda-4.png Workstation-anaconda-5.png Workstation-anaconda-6.png Workstation-anaconda-7.png Workstation-anaconda-8.png

Workstation - Gnome

Gnome activities multi-desktop.png Gnome activity all applications.png Gnome activity view.png Gnome boxes 1.png Gnome boxes 2.png Gnome boxes 3.png Gnome boxes 4.png Gnome boxes 5 live-cd-booted.png Gnome clocks multi-time.png Gnome clocks stopwatch.png Gnome desktop.png Gnome desktop tiling firefox.png Gnome desktop usermenu.png Gnome files.png Gnome firefox.png Gnome firstlogin 1.png Gnome firstlogin 2.png Gnome firstlogin 3.png Gnome firstlogin 4.png Gnome getting started.png Gnome libreoffice write.png Gnome rhythmbox.png Gnome search topic.png Gnome search with clocks.png Gnome settings all.png Gnome settings background.png Gnome settings search.png Gnome shotwell 2.png Gnome shotwell 3.png Gnome software detail.png Gnome software front.png Gnome software installed.png Gnome software installing.png Gnome software remove.png Gnome software updates 1.png Gnome software updates 2.png Gnome software welcome.png Gnome terminal wayland.png Gnome weather.png

GNOME Classic

Classic activities menu.png Classic file manager.png Classic firefox.png Classic software.png


Cinnamon application menu.png Cinnamon desktop.png Cinnamon extensions online.png Cinnamon nemo filemanager.png Cinnamon settings background.png Cinnamon settings system info.png Cinnamon settings theme.png Cinnamon system settings.png


Kde dolphin.png Kde konsole.png Kde plasma desktop settings.png Kde system settings.png Kde usermenu.png


Mate add to panel.png Mate caja filemanager.png Mate control center.png Mate desktop.png Mate terminal.png


Xfce appfinder.png Xfce desktop.png Xfce first start.png Xfce panel deskbar.png Xfce panel horizontal.png Xfce panel vertical.png Xfce session.png Xfce settings.png Xfce terminal.png Xfce thunar file manager.png Xfce thunar file manager details.png

Cockpit Server UI

  • Infrastructure Landing Page

Cockpit1.png Cockpit2.png Cockpit3.png Cockpit4.png Cockpit5.png Cockpit6.png Cockpit7.png Cockpit8.png Cockpit9.png Cockpit10.png Cockpit11.png

SoaS Sugar 0.102

Soas-v11-2.png Soas-v11-1.png

Fedora Cloud = Atomic - Cockpit

F21Cockpit1.png F21Cockpit2.png F21Cockpit3.png