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Marketing plan for FUDCon APAC 2015


  • Increase awareness of event and Fedora.
  • Get relevant audience to conference. Good to have mix of Fedora users, contributors, Students and professionals from Industry.


Material required

Target Audience and medium to reach

  • Outreach list for people to contact
    • List of contact peoples
    • Colleges - Students and Professors (emails + posters)
    • Companies - Professionals (emails + posters)
    • Red Hat
    • Communities - PLUG, FSF etc. (emails)

Marketing mix

  • Emails
  • Posters
    • Colleges (Need people name who can distribute to Colleges)
    • Need to take printouts (Talk to Rupali)
  • Social media
    • Facebook group
    • Eventpage for invitation.
    • Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin - (take help from Soni/Alfred)
    • Provide Linkedin page on Facebook and twitter so more people can join.
  • Press release
  • Radio
    • Soni looking at possible opportunities
  • SIG talks
    • Design, Security and Ambassadors.