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Fedora Stories

Our Core Brand Essence is described here .

We need stories (not anecdotes, just ways to talk about Fedora) that express the 4 F's: Freedom, Features, First, and Folks. Just drop an entry in the table with the themes it hits and a summary. Remember that for "First" there's both "first for Fedora," and "first anywhere."


These are ready to message and include a few short sentences about what's important.

Themes General or F9? Summary
Freedom + Folks General We have completely community-created artwork using an all-FOSS toolchain. Every step of the process is done in a collaborative way, from the thematic elements to the final rendering, with the results winding up on every Fedora desktop by default.
Folks + First (for Fedora) F9 We now have a Fedora account system that makes it as easy to join the Fedora community as it is to join any social networking site. It gets the user access to a variety of resources like a shell account and web site, a email address, the possibility of joining multiple Fedora groups, and soon, wiki editing access and other goodies.
Features + First (for anywhere) F9 We have the first nondestructive persistent USB key toolset that we know about in Linux. No pesky repartitioning and having to back up your data from your USB key; just run the tools and nondestructively create a portable, bootable Fedora for anywhere.
Features + First General? Smolt - we collect and share the data we have about Fedora usage. When we make statements about our install base we have the data to back it up. It also serves as a type of hardware compatibility list for folks trying to decide which hardware will work best.

Need Details

Themes General or F9? Summary
Features General? Cobbler & Func
Features + First General Animated wallpapers - Fedora was first
Freedom + Features General Fedora's Infrastructure is 100% FOSS - dogfood
Folks General Customer use cases - NASA, Dreamworks, Wikia


Themes General or F9? Summary
Folks + Freedom + Features General [1] - A great narrative about Fedora powering a Linux install event. The real story here is NOT about an installfest. It's about how Fedora community folks (MichaelDeHaan in this case) follow up on these events to give more help after the fact). Fedora developers take a very direct interest in the community, from downstream redistributors to end users. The first followup here comes right from the guy who designed the software in use!
Folks + Features General [2] [3] - Fedora used in Spinal Cord research. Paul has contacted the author for more details.