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Arm as primary

From Fedora 20, support for ARM devices gets better, with Fedora building all it's packages for the ARM architecture. 
ARM systems use very little power, for instance, the OLPC XO 1.75 and XO-4 devices. 
ARM devices are quickly moving into mainstream use since they're relatively cheap. 

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GNOME 3.10

Fedora 20 brings the latest version of the new GNOME 3 desktop interface to your system. 
The release, like the 3.8 release, brings more improvements and a bunch of new applications: Application installer, GNOME maps, GNOME photos, GNOME music, and the Bijiben note taker. 
The release continues GNOME 3's road towards a better integrated desktop environment. 

Sugar 0.100

The Sugar Learning Platform is specially designed for children. It brings a set of software that's aimed at educating young minds. 
Fedora 20 brings the newest version of the Sugar Platform to your kids!

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KDE 4.11

Fedora 20 brings to you the latest version of the KDE plasma desktop, a popular, feature rich desktop environment. 
The 4.11 release brings various performance improvements: updates to the task bar, sound mixer (KMix), the notification system, monitor configurations; are ones to look out for. Grab the Fedora KDE spin and take a look!

Enlightment 0.18

With Fedora 20, you have yet another destkop environment to choose from: Enlightment. 
The latest version of Enlightment was released after seventeen years of development. 
Enlightment is functional, and yet, highly customizable. 

Apache Open Office

Fedora 20 includes Apache OpenOffice (formerly, a popular free and open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. 
Apache OpenOffice is available in many languages and it is now developed by the Apache Software Foundation. 
LibreOffice, a fork of, remains the default office suite in Fedora. 

Application Installer

Application installer is a new application that focuses on applications, rather than packages. 
The new program is quite like an application store, where it lets you surf through all the available applications before installing ones that you need. 
It's still under active development, but if you had trouble with the existing front ends being too package oriented, you should really try this one out.

Bluez 5

The Bluez project provides the official Bluetooth stack for Linux. 
The newest release, Bluez 5, brings various improvements, all in all, a better Bluetooth experience. 
All the major applications, and desktops have already been ported to Bluez 5.