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Scope of Marketing Activities

  • Goods
  • Services
  • Experiences
  • Events
  • People
  • Places
  • Patrimonial Titles
  • Organizations
  • Informations
  • Ideas


  • Consumer Markets
  • Corporate Markets
  • Global Markets
  • Government and Non-Profitable Organizations

The Concept of Trade

  • Necessary conditions for trading:
    • At least 2 interventionists
    • Desire to interact with the other part
    • 'Something' with value
    • Capacity to communicate the offer
    • Liberty to accept of reject

The Concepts of Marketing

Marketing is the management process which identifies, anticipates and satisfies the desires of costumers in a profitable way
The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Marketing is the group of methods and means that organizations have to promote amongst their audiences the behaviours favourable to the realization of their own objectives
Dionisio Rodrigues, 1996

The product in the right place in the right time and with the correct price
Adcock et al

Marketing is the human activity oriented to the satisfaction of peoples needs and desires through a trade process
Philip Kotler

Marketing is a social and management process from which individuals and groups get what they desire and need, through the creation, offer and trade of products and value with others
Philip Kotler, 1991

Marketing Philosophy

Generate value for the consumers

Marketing is far too important to be solely left to the Marketing Department
David Packard

Marketing Implications

  • Who are our potencial costumers/users?
  • How can we satizfy