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Fedora 9 Press Reports


"The OS updates are coming fast and furious these days, and the latest off the block is Fedora 9 Sulphur. Improvements include better KDE Desktop 4.0.3, better Bluetooth support, a revised Anaconda system installer, support for persistent Live USB key installations, and lots more. Should be all over the torrents now -- get downloading and let us know how it goes"

Everything USB

"Creating a portable Linux desktop, according to Fedora project leader Paul Frields, opens up new opportunities for "low-heat producing, low-power consuming mobile devices..." that run off a comfortably on a 2GB USB drive. Another idea would be to install public kiosks in school or Starbucks where users can boot off their own Linux OS with all the familiar applications on a thumbdrive. Unfortunately, large footprint apps like OpenOffice and multi-language support, are off limits to this approach, but users can still combine small apps like AbitWord, email, calender & browser without taking too much memory. "

Techsource from Bohol

"Though I didn't notice a lot of sites and blogs that displayed a release countdown image, I didn't care because I'm still pretty much excited about Fedora 9. Counting on some rave reviews of Fedora 9 "Preview" HERE and HERE, I expect this new version to be the best release ever. To really know why I'm so thrilled about it, here is a list of new features that are included in Fedora 9"


"The highly-anticipated release of Fedora 9 is here! It has the new KDE4 desktop that I reviewed on LinuxPlanet which makes some big improvements in user experience and speed. It also includes the hot new FireFox 3 web browser with some new security features that are sure to impress even the most jaded surfer. Fedora 9 also gives you the options of the new ext4 filesystem, encrypted filesystems, partition resizing, and Xen virtualization enhancements."

Information Week

"Fedora has gained an application in version 9, released Tuesday, that captures an image of a user's preferred desktop and loads it onto a USB device.

The feature allows anyone with a low-cost, 1-GB or 2-GB memory stick to carry a desktop around for use on any common x86 instruction set hardware."

"It's not about which window manager to use, or even the code itself, since the vast majority of what's in any given Linux distribution is all the same code. It's about the choices made by the folks who packaged the distribution: how closed-source drivers are handled, how the distro deals with the upstream, what they felt was worth keeping in a default installation, and what could be left up to the user to install. The distro choices are becoming more about this kind of aesthetics, and Fedora feels like it has the best mix of these things for me."

"One of Fedora's strengths is its user-friendliness with a great deal of work having gone into making the desktop easy to use. Fedora also spends a great deal of time working to make the desktop as attractive as possible"

PC World

"Fedora 9 adds key new features to the Linux OS including the addition of the KDE 4 desktop environment that defines the look and feel of this OS. Another key feature added is the ability to run the Fedora 9 OS from a USB drive. You can not only boot the OS from a USB drive, but can also add applications and store data to the drive (a true portable OS)."

Linux World

"Fedora 9, code-named Sulphur, also features FreeIPA, which helps administrators centralize authentication and identity management. (Compare identity management tools.)

FreeIPA (identity, policy, audit) includes Fedora, Fedora directory server, FreeRadius, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS, Samba and Web browser or command line tools for provisioning and administration."

Red Hat Magazine

"This is my first release as the Fedora Project Leader, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything the community has achieved with this release. Fedora is a collaborative effort that involves a community of over 2,000 contributors–a group that’s about as big as the entire Red Hat staff. And three-quarters of the Fedora Project is made up of dedicated, talented volunteers who believe passionately in our mission of continually pushing free and open source software to new heights of power, flexibility, and usability."


"Fedora 9 is now available - As someone thats been working with it for months already I’m quite pleased with this release."

Distrowatch: First Impressions (With KDE 4)

"So if you are Fedora KDE user and expect some sort of a recommendation whether to upgrade to Fedora 9 or stay with Fedora 8, I would (somewhat reluctantly) say "go for the upgrade". Expect some major functionality loss, however, especially if you do a lot of file management in Konqueror, and you'll also get fewer options for configuring some of the important areas of KDE, including the desktop itself and the KDE panel. What you do get in exchange is much increased speed, a potentially more functional desktop with sexy widgets, and a faster Firefox."


"Fedora 9 is scheduled for release tomorrow. Six months after Fedora 8 was released, Fedora 9 will be available in a variety of “spins” (custom boot images for everything from desktop installs to USB devices) with improved networking and eyecandy."

"With the official release due tomorrow, it's clear that there's plenty for fans of the Fedora distribution to look forward to."

The Register

"The ninth release of Fedora ushers in a number of changes aimed at making the venerable distribution a more newbie-friendly desktop, but longtime users needn't fear a great dumbing down; version 9 packs plenty of power user punch as well."


"Fedora 9 is a significant upgrade and packs in a number of new features. Perhaps the best part of Fedora 9 is the new live USB options. After playing with the release candidate for a week or so I am happy to report that Fedora 9 has made some significant strides and gives Ubuntu a serious run for its money when it comes ot user-friendliness."

PC Pro

"Fedora 9 will be put up for download today, and continues the trend of making Linux a more inviting proposition for newcomers...

Fedora 9 also allows you to carry a persistent version of the operating system around on a 1GB or greater USB stick, which maintains all your updates and saved files, meaning you need never leave home without your operating system again."

Desktop Linux

"Red Hat said at the time that it just made sense for a community-supported distribution to be governed by a community, not a company. It proved to be sound reasoning. Red Hat's 2003 decision instantly catapulted Fedora into place among the world's most popular Linux distributions, where it arguably remains today."

Internet News

"I think it's inevitable that people will move to a cross distribution tool like PackageKit," Frields said. "What you're looking at here is a successful project that drives interest in Linux overall without being to distribution specific."


"The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora 9, codenamed "Sulphur". As your periodic table will tell you, Sulphur is the element below Oxygen, a fitting release name for the third major distribution to ship KDE 4.0 (congrats to Mandriva and Kubuntu for getting there first) and the first to make it the only version of the desktop. Fedora 9 includes KDE 4.0.3."

Ars Technica

"Important architectural features—such as the PulseAudio sound server and the PolicyKit secure privilege escalation system—that were first included in Fedora 8 are now integrated in a more complete and pervasive way. The NetworkManager tool, which simplifies network configuration and provides easy access to wireless networks, also gets some nice feature improvements in this release, like support for connecting with GSM and CDMA devices."

NB: A more detailed review has been promised soon.

"The Fedora distribution has a reputation for innovation, and the new Fedora 9, released today, is no exception. With features that range from easy filesystem encryption to support for the ext4 format, it includes a wide range of features that are likely to become standard in other distributions in the next six months. But for Paul W. Frields, who became Fedora project leader in February, what distinguishes the release is less the technology than the community that supports it, and how the technology contributes to the larger free software world."

Network World

"Fedora 9, code-named Sulphur, also features FreeIPA, which helps administrators centralize authentication and identity management. (Compare identity management tools.)

FreeIPA (identity, policy, audit) includes Fedora, Fedora directory server, FreeRadius, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS, Samba and Web browser or command line tools for provisioning and administration."

Computer World

"Users of Red Hat Inc.'s Fedora who wanted an easier way to use the popular and free community-supported Linux operating system on portable USB drives have had their wishes granted."

Montana Linux

"Since the Fedora Project decided to focus on making it easy for anyone in the community to create their own "spins" a number of other LiveCDs have cropped up including one that is XFCE-based. I downloaded the GNOME LiveCD, the KDE LiveCD, and the DVD media which is NOT a Live media. Since my home computers have 2GB of RAM or less, I just use the i386 flavor rather than the x86_64."

Heise Open

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