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This document is SELF DIAGNOSE of your personality. This will give a clear in view of your communication skills and ability to relate socially with others. In other words, it should provide a simple answer to "who am I". Despite it's out of the Fedora Project scope, it's yet fun tool to analyse ourselves and those who interact with us every day.

Rules of Engagement

A set of 60 affirmations is displayed bellow. Read each one carefully and on sheet of paper write the following:

  • 1 - If the statement is true;
  • 0 - If the statement is false;

This is a self-diagnose of the tendencies of your personality. Sometimes the answer "true or false" might not clear, but think it over.

Self Diagnose

1. A say "YES" a lot, when most times I want to say "NO".
2. I defend my point of view and rights without attempting against others.
3. When I don't know a person, I try to dissimulate what I think and feel.
4. I am, most of times, authoritarian and decided.
5. Generally it is easier to act through another person than directly.
6. I am not afraid to criticize others and tell them what I think.
7. I don't dare to refuse certain tasks that are appointed to me, despite of not being part of my attributions.
8. I am not afraid to giving my opinion, even while facing hard interlocutors.
9. When there is debate, I will stay out of it and just watch how it goes.
10. Several times I'm censured and pointed as having a contradicting spirit.
11. I have difficulties listening to others.
12. I do everything that I can to remain in the background, and I'm having success with that.
13. In general, I am considered "sneaky" in my relations with others.
14. I keep my relations with others based on "trust" and "confidence" rather than on "domination" and "calculism".
15. I never ask from help from friends, they might believe that I am not competent.
16. I am shy and I have blockings when I try to accomplish something unusual.
17. They call me "cupcake", makes me anger and others laugh.
18. I am pretty relaxed towards face-to-face relations.
19. I scam a lot, it's the best way to get what I want.
20. I speak a lot, I interrupt others and I don't even realize that.
21. I am very ambitious and I am ready to do whatever it takes to reach my goals.
22. In general I know what needs to be done, that is important to succeed.
23. When disagreeing I seek realistical commitments based on mutual agreement.
24. I always "place the cards on the table".
25. I have a natural tendency to leave for later my tasks.
26. I often leave my work in half and don't finish it, ever.
27. In general I show who I really am, and don't hide nothing.
28. A lot is needed to intimidate me.
29. Spreading fear into others might be a good way to keep power.
30. When I feel cheated, I'll make sure I'll get even next time.
31. When criticizing someone it's very handy to point that they never follow their own advices. This way we force them into being in agreement.
32. I know how to take advantage of the system.
33. I'm capable of being myself, and continue to be socially acceptable.
34. When I don't agree, I know how to express it with objectivity.
35. I usually get concerned about not getting other worried.
36. I have serious difficulties when making options.
37. I don't like being the only person inside a group to think in a certain way. In those cases I withdraw from the group.
38. I'm not afraid of speaking in public.
39. Life is a jungle.
40. I'm not afraid to face dangerous and risky challenges.
41. Creating conflicts can be more effective than solving situations.
42. Exploring weakenesses are the best way to create bonds with others.
43. I know how to listen and never interrupt others.
44. I take till the end what I proposed myself to accomplish.
45. I am not afraid to express my feelings exactly how I feel them.
46. I am good at manipulating people and make my ideas prevailing.
47. A compliment is still a good way to get what we want.
48. I have dificulties managing my the time in which I am presenting something to an audience.
49. I know how to manipulate irony.
50. I'm servile and I have an easy life, sometimes I even allow myself to get explored.
51. I like more to watch than to participate.
52. I like to be "in", but never on the first line.
53. I don't believe manipulation is an effective solution.
54. It is not necessary to express immediately our intentions. This can be harmful.
55. I shock people a lot with my attitudes.
56. I'd rather be the wolf, then the lamb.
57. Manipulating others is many times the only way to get what we want from others.
58. I know how to express disagreement without excessive agressivity.
59. I know that we can't solve problems without searching and identifying it's causes.
60. I don't like being badly interpreted.

Next Step

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