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Tasks are written in taskjugger format (see the ticket here) Currently (Fedora40 cycle) sources and instructions are on fedorapeople page and the schedule Methodology is here. Below an example of the Marketing Tasks


task cycle notes
Cleanup the wiki from the obsolete marketing cycles start of cycle to start of cycle+1wk
Cycle the wiki pages to the new release start of cycle to start of cycle+1wk
Alpha Readiness Meeting mtgdate to mtgdate
List potential talking points and feature profiles Feature freeze to Feature freeze+1wk
Decide format (podcast, video, text, etc) and provider (Docs or News) for each talking point and feature profile Feature freeze+2wk to Feature freeze+3wk
In-depth feature profiles from 0% to 75% completion Beta availability-6wks to Beta availability-2wks
Contact News beats people about topics/features we cover as soon as feature profiles are 75% complete to that date +1wk
Drafts of talking points completed beta availabiity-3wks to Beta availability-2wks
Beta Readiness Meeting mtgdate to mtgdate
Open the call for release slogan suggestions beta readiness mtg-1wk to same
Release slogan selection beta readiness mtg+1wk to same
Finish the in-depth feature profiles beta-2wks to beta
Meet with RH Brand to discuss additional/supplemental RH-provided marketing materials that may be coming out (video, press blog, etc) alpha to alpha+1wk
Brief FAMSCo on talking points and propagate link to Ambassadors beta-2wks to beta-1wk
Update the press kits beta-1wk to general avail-6wks
Final release slogan is ready for websites/design beta readiness mtg -2wks to same
Update and freeze the screenshots page beta availability +1wk
Update and freeze the Fedora tour page beta availability +1wk
Brief News Distribution Network on tour page and other marketing materials created to date beta-1wk to beta+1wk
Monitor community news sites and provide corrections and additional information as needed beta-4wk to gen availability + 4wk
Final Readiness meeting mtgdate to mtgdate
GA Day social media explosion sprint date to date