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Are you doing exciting work with Fedora? We'd love to hear about it and help you spread the word. Below you will find details on how to become a Friend of Fedora.

Advantages of Being a Friend of Fedora

Being a Friend of FedoraFedora has its perks, and it's a great way to get the word out about your project. Here are some of the things you can look forward to when you become a Friend of Fedora:

  • Having your project featured on the Friends of Fedora page.
  • Having your project featured in Fedora magazine.
  • A Fedora affiliate badge.

Becoming a Friend of Fedora

To get started as a Friend of Fedora, contact [Who is the contact, and how can they be reached?] with the following information:

Information to Include

  • The name of your project.
  • A description of your project.
  • Why you chose Fedora for your project.
  • How many installations of Fedora you have.

Current Friends of Fedora

Current Affiliates

Misc. Notes

  • When writing, it is important to use "you" language. This page should be focused on the affiliate and celebrating the awesome things they are doing with Fedora.
  • Getting the WIIFM right is key. It takes time to complete the affiliate process, and people won't do it unless it's worth it for them.
  • Use the #WeAreFedora hashtag when referring to Friends of Fedora on social media.