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This committee is defunct until further notice. In the meantime, the Marketing team is reforming under a more casual SIG model. Refer to the main Marketing page for details.

Fedora Marketing project aims to do the following

1. Be a body/voice for Fedora FUD smashing

2. Further the growth and use of Fedora, worldwide

3. Push out information to the press to educate them about the progress of the project

Fedora Marketing Steering Committee members

(note: THIS IS NOT WRITTEN IN STONE YET. i.e. there are others, thinkg Sopwith, etc... We want it to be a task/role-based system, not just people getting random positions first.)

  • ColinCharles (Community lead)
  • Co-Lead - JackAboutboul / RahulSundaram
  • RH Godfather - GregDeKoenigsberg

Now, committee members

  • JesseKeating (our Legacy liason)
  • KarstenWade (our Docs liason)
  • JefSpaleta (our users liason)
  • SethVidal (our Extras liason)
  • WarrenTogami (Development liason)
  • TomAdelstein
  • ChrisNegus