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Welcome to my page.

Here are a few things I do :

  • I am a computer science student, in what we could call a phd in the US
  • I am an ambassador for the Fedora project
  • I work with the french translation team

I am also part of the Fedora-Paris meeting, which takes place every two weeks and member of the almost-finished French/Fedora/Free paper Muffin.

How can you contact me

  • Email :
  • IRC : Milanito on at #fedora,#fedora-fr and #fedora-paris channels.
  • Randy on


  • Be part, and help, the great Fedora community
  • Maybe when I will have the time, package a bit
  • Organise different projects for Fedora


  • I am, like I said, a computer science student, after getting my degree in Maths, I thought computer science might be better, and it is !!
  • I mostly work system development and networking security.
  • I love using C, feel great with Java, but I hate caml. I do like languages such as Python, Perl and bash.
  • I have taught myself xhtml/css and php, can do some javascript, but I really don't like using these tools.
  • I started using a computer very young with an old macintosh, but I started to use Linux when I was fifteen, it was a bit hard. I have tried several distros, such as ZenWalk, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Centos, and of course Fedora.
  • I believe in the Open Source, but I aware of the fact that right now people might need no Open software, so it is up to us to change the world.
  • I have been playing the guitar for more than 12 years, mostly electric and acoustic guitar.