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Media Check

Since Red Hat Linux 7.3, anaconda has supported testing your media within the installation process.

To do this first boot the installer (either from CD or floppy), and wait until you get a prompt. Then at the prompt type 'linux media check'.

Then answer the first few screens of questions you get, then you will be asked if you want to test your CD.

It is not necessary to test all the CDs, although this is recommended at least once. If you only want to test one CD, choose 'Eject CD', then insert the CD you want to test.

When done testing all the CDs insert the CD #1 and proceed to with the install (if all the CDs passed, otherwise you will need to get a replacement for the bad CD(s)).

NOTE: Just because all the CDs pass a media check does not mean the CDs are OK. Some CD media/CD drives exhibit intermittent problems that the media check will not necessarily catch. But it should catch outright bad CDs.

If you have problems with these instructions, please submit a bug against the anaconda component in Bugzilla.