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Fedora Project Board Meeting (2007-01-02)



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IRC Log: Media:Board_Meetings_2007(2d)01(2d)02_fedora-board-20070102.txt

General Business


The whole Board will be present. We encourage everyone involved in Fedora to attend if they can.


Lots of good discussion on the rpm-list before the holidays, slower this week due to holidays. Could be a new version of RPM in Fedora 7 but needs planning.

Mailing list re-organization

thl has floated several proposals and received feedback. Board tasks him with finishing the process and getting Red Hat IS to make the necessary changes. Old lists will be maintained so archives exist yet no new posts are allowed.

Future Board meetings

In and effort to better understand the sub-projects, each project (Documentation, Infrastructure, Art, ...) will be invited to attend and present their project at a Board meeting. We'll try to do these twice a month and not take the whole hour, each project presenting and discussing for ~30 minutes. Documentation team is up first on 2007-01-09 with Karsten and Paul presenting.

Fedora 7 Plans

Jesse Keeting will come up with proposals for what to include in the Desktop and Server spins, will post on the wiki and discuss on the lists. How many CDs and DVDs is yet to be decided, but we don't want to overload the mirrors or cause lots of end-user confusion by having too many similar but different ISOs. Rahul would like to see a DVD image that contains all the Fedora 7 packages, to be put on physical media by whomever (CheapBytes?) for benefit of people without the bandwidth to do full installs. There are also some questions for Legal regarding export compliance of ISOs we produce (yes, we need export compliance, not clear for what type of content though).


Rahul will drive to closure the NTFS issues, separating kernel components (which are covered by OIN) from ntfs-3g userspace components (which aren't), so we have a clear story around this.