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Fedora Advisory Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2007-JUL-10


Jef Spaleta, Bill Nottingham, Paul Frields, Matt Domsch, Chris Blizzard, Steve Dickson, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Seth Vidal, Rex Dieter, Max Spevack, Karsten Wade, Chris Aillon, Rahul Sundaram, John Poelstra, Dennis Gilmore, Jeremy Katz.

Welcome by Max to new board members

  • General provisions for meetings

Brief discussion of GPL v2/v3 and EULA for F8

  • Consider adding license version tagging to spec file - push to FESCo
  • Need to raise awareness to examine code coming from upstream during version updates
  • Mostly packaging issues that need to be discussed with legal

Set weekly meeting going forward

  • 5 PM Eastern time
  • Historically board has found that meetings are most effective and constructive over the telephone
  • In favor of having periodic Q&A meetings with the board on #fedora-meeting on IRC list activity

  • Has been quiet lately
  • Some wondered if is where more activity is happening
  • Could board members be more active in their blogs about things that are happening with the board?

Thoughts and goals from new board members

Steve Dickson

  • Make Fedora easier to access and use without getting too buried in complex processes
  • Make Fedora the #1 Linux development environment

Jef Spaleta

  • Interested in seeing how we can get more involved with upstream developers
  • Help more packagers get involved
  • Find a way to create smaller pieces of work that can be doled out to people that are interested

Dennis Gilmore

  • Wanting to help make back end infrastructure work to make overall project successful

Chris Aillon

  • Already in a lot of weekly communication with different distros--would like to use this to help bring community together
  • Would like to help overall communication to make sure information is getting to the right places
  • Invite upstream into our processes more
  • Help remove barriers with upstream
  • Integrate bug tracking systems across projects

Bug Tracking Integration

  • Can Fedora help lead the way with better integration across projects and upstream with bugzilla?
  • Interface with upstream projects and other distros to move bugs between

Planning for Virtual FUDCon

  • No one has responded to Karsten's email
  • Jef will start coordinating and pull together
  • For this to work there needs to be buy-in from folks leading features
  • Will continue discussion on FAB