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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-03-18

Roll Call

Attendees: Matt Domsch, Karsten Wade, Paul Frields, Steve Dickson, John Poelstra, Seth Vidal, Bill Nottingham, Chris Aillon, Dennis Gilmore

Regrets: Jef Spaleta, Bob McWirther

Followup to Previous Business

Secondary Arch Hosting (2008-02-19)

  • Can Fedora host binaries for secondary architectures?
  • Change from original proposal
  • makes it easier to get new mirrors and use mirror manager
  • DECISION: board approves of Fedora hosting binaries for secondary architectures
  • FOLLOWUP 2008-02-26
  • Infrastructure group raising issue with lack of space
  • Are distribution methods a concern for growing secondary architectures?
  • OWNERS: Seth and Matt; Spot also assisting
  • ACTIONS: reach out to existing relationships and pursue storage opportunities
  • FOLLOWUP 2008-03-04
  • Seth to do more followup with BU--potentially 150G
  • Spot reports 450G from HP
  • RESOLVED on 2008-03-18
  • The board supports using resources for this purpose and leaves discretion for space usage to the Fedora Infrastructure group
  • The board also supports an infrastructure decision of 'sorry, can't do that now - not enough space' if that is the case too
  • Board members will continue to pursue additional opportunities for storage space with different vendors

Post-release updates of custom spins (2008-01-29)

  • Should the board have to approve them?
  • We will hosts as many spins as we have space for
  • Need to determine the hosting requirements and limits
  • How long will spins stay around?
  • ACTION: Jef to review Rahul's proposal and report back to board
  • OWNER: Jef Spaleta
  • FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-18
  • Jef was unable to attend today--deferred to next meeting.

Codeina (2008-02-26)

  • Still not comfortable that we are pointing people to content that is not "Free and Open Source software"
  • Cannot suitably fix codeina in the Fedora 9 time frame

1. Review email thread: 1. Move discussion to fedora-advisory-board list to formulate a solution there 1. Propose patching out other for sale non-free plugins 1. Bill Nottingham to make sure that live spin includes codeina correctly

  • FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-11
  • Majority board vote in favor of patching out all other for sale non-free plugins leaving the freely available mp3 codec

1. Three members absent 1. One abstention

  • Paul to check with codeina maintainer (Bastien Nocera) and Fluendo (Thomas Vander Stichele)
  • Paul to send followup to fedora-advisory-board-list
  • FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-18
  • Discussion of past week's events in blogs and fedora-advisory-board list
  • Several different philosophical viewpoints on the board
  • It appears that the board itself needs to further refine its philosophical beliefs
  • This should provide clearer guidance in the future for making decisions like this
  • Could we tie-in to marketing plan that marketing SIG is working to give greater focus and backing?
  • Impasse seems to center around "Free Software" vs. "Customer Usability"
  • Take discussion to fedora-advisory-board

1) What to do w/ codeina package? a) remove the orphaned package from Fedora" -- b) include a new package to do what original intention was 2) What should guiding philosophies of the board and Fedora be?

  • Does the issue with swfdec-mozilla, on top of the community discontent, show that we are not having enough communication with FESCo?
  • We need to find the balance between FESCo issues and Board issues and make sure we're empowering them to decide matters when needed.

New Business

GPLv2 distribution

Future Business (discuss at a future meeting)

Next Meeting

  • Date: 2008-03-25
  • Time: 14:00 EDT