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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-04-15

Roll Call

Attendees: Paul Frields, Steve Dickson, Matt Domsch, John Poelstra, Bill Nottingham, Seth Vidal, Jef Spaleta, Chris Aillon, Karsten Wade

Regrets: Dennis Gilmore, Bob McWirther

Spins (2008-01-29)

  • FOLLOWUP on 2008-04-01
  • JefSpaleta/SpinReleaseProcessProposal
  • No dissenting votes on proposal
  • Concerns about how and where spins will be built and interactions with SELinux
  • OWNER: Karsten Wade
  • ACTION: Organize a special meeting to discuss SELinux issues and go-forward plan
  • FOLLOWUP on 2008-04-08
  • No meeting has taken place or been scheduled but Seth has talked to many of the applicable parties
  • OWNER: Karsten Wade
  • Move discussion to fedora-selinux-list
  • Pre-announce that discussion about selinux and spins will be taking place on selinux-list by announcing on fedora-devel-list.
  • FOLLOWUP on 2008-04-15
  • Confirmed that the right people are on the mailing list
  • Starting discussion today

Board Succession

  • Fedora Board election thirty days after GA of Fedora 9
  • Exploring possibility of changing balance of Red Hat appointed and community elected seats
  • currently: 5 Red Hat Appointed + 4 Community Voted
  • proposed change: 4 Red Hat Appointed + 5 Community Voted
  • Fedora Project Leader (Red Hat Employee) still maintains final veto power over board decisions
  • OWNER: Paul Frields
  • ACTIONS: Paul having internal conversations with Red Hat folks


  • Discussion will resume for Fedora 10 after Fedora 9 ships
  • Best to formulate in a feature page with a designated owner
  • Hold open discussion at monthly IRC meeting (2008-05-06)
  • OWNER: Paul Frields
  • ACTIONS: Invite key players to the meeting and give people time to consider what they would like to see by sending announcement to mailing lists.